travel lottery







Description of the drawing


Each ticket gives one the right of being eligible to 

  • 5 drawings of a $3 000  travel credits to a destination of your choice (each travel credit is exchangeable for $2 500 in cash)
  • 5 secondary drawings of $500 cash 

cost of a ticket: $175 -- only 250 tickets on sale.

The total value of the prizes is $17 500  

Three possibilities:

  • A $7 pay deduction for staff members from the cegep (25 pays)
  • 7 automatic deduction from your bank account ($25 a month for 7 months)
  • A $175 cheque

No limits for the dates on travel-credits

Since it is a drawing, no income tax receipt is issued.

 The drawings will take place at the Fondation Cornélius-Brotherton's office, local 141, at 96 Jaques-Cartier, Gaspé, G4X 2G6

Date of each drawing: 

January 16, 2018        February 16, 2018         March 16, 2018         

April 16, 2018           May 16, 2018


The winners should pay the total cost of their ticket to have acces to their price

The winner of a $500 price in cash is eligible to future drawings.

 Complete regulations are available at the Fondation Cornélius-Brotherton's office.

 In partnership with  Voyages Odyssée and Transat